• Global Innovation

    Thriving with Dementia

  • What can we learn from other nations?

    People around the globe are experimenting with fresh ways to help people living with dementia thrive.


    What can we learn from people around the world?


    From social programs to technology to city planning to engaging the arts in new ways, the innovation right now is highly hopeful.


    Spark your own creativity. Broaden your knowledge of what's possible. Look beyond our borders for inspiration.

  • Workshop Structure


    Dementia Myths

    Faulty beliefs about dementia impact entire communities; bust key myths and catch a vision for a more powerful set of values. 


    Policy Innovation

    How did Japan increase family capacity to care by simply changing the use of one Japanese word? How is China and Norway approaching dementia?



    Evidence-based rehabilitation to slow or reverse cognitive declines is gaining ground internationally. What are examples?



    Learn how virtual reality, hearing, communication, fall safety, and more are expanding options for people living with dementia.



    How do Canada, Australia, and Japan each address the more severe challenges associated with dementia?


    Creative Engagement

    Across the world, creative experts are designing fresh ways for people living with dementia to engage the world. How do chickens, vodka, and dementia connect in Australia?


    Training and Education

    How has the UK used Broadway to train caregivers? Training and education is an often neglected area of innovation but several initiatives are turning heads.

  • Featured Speaker

    Benjamin Surmi, MsG

    Social Gerontologist


    Developing a passion for elders early in life through listening to the stories of neighbors and grandparents, Benjamin has focused his career on empowering people to thrive no matter their abilities or age.


    His experience includes:

    • Designing memory care wellness programs
    • Training person-centered care to nurses and caregivers
    • Coordinating conferences on industry-leading dementia care practices
    • Leading a team of 70 people as Executive Director of a memory care center
    • Shaping lifelong learning programs for the first center in a YMCA
    • Delivering home repair to under-resourced seniors



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    Wednesday, September 18th

    Noon - 1:30 pm

    El Rio

    2828 Healthcare Way

    Modesto, CA 95356

    (209) 409-3944

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