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    João Pärtel Araújo

    Portugal & France

    BSc Nursing
    MSc Healthcare Management

    João Pärtel Araújo is a Humanitude instructor and pedagogical coordinator, with a BSc in Nursing and a MSc in Healthcare Management.

    Since 2010, he has taught Humanitude training in a variety of countries - including Portugal, Brazil, France. He has applied Humanitude tools in diverse healthcare settings - operating rooms, hospitals, assisted living, nursing homes, pre-school.


    He and his team have been awarded with a Care Quality Research award by the Polytechnic College of Leiria; a Best Health Practice award by the Portuguese Health Ministry; a Best Practice for Active and Healthy Ageing award by the Commission for Regional Development, among others.


    He has published opinion and scientific research articles and speaks at several conferences on the topics of social entrepreneurship, social impact, healthcare quality management, nursing care, and the Humanitude methodology of care.

    With residency in Portugal, he’s an active member in his community as an
    executive board member in not-for-profit organizations and in the local government. Living in the sunny Portuguese west coast, he doesn’t’ miss a chance to enjoy family time, play his guitar or rest his eyes on the seaside horizon.


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  • By the Numbers

    Select Research Outcomes


    Caregivers Trained


    Organizations Adopting


    Specific Techniques

    80% Reduction

    Behavioral Psychological Symptoms of Dementia

    Decrease by 88.5%

    Benzodiazepine Drugs

    60% Reduction

    Days in Hospital


    Social Return on Investment


    Bedridden Residents

  • "In May of 2018, Dr. Elizabeth Eckstrominvited one of the founders of Humanitude along with Dr. Miwako Honda, Director, Geriatric Research, from Tokyo's central hospital to speak to Portland/Vancouver geriatric specialists. Dr. Eckstrom is the Chief of Geriatrics at OHSU.


    "During a recent trip to Japan, she was impressed with how Tokyo's hospital made significant progress in serving the most frail elders. She learned that they had adopted Humanitude and were engaged in rigorous research.


    "I had the privilege of joining local geriatric professionals in learning directly from the co-founder, Yves Gineste.


    "As Director of People and Culture for Koelsch Communities, I am personally involved in training 2,000 team members in 8 states how to care for frail elders - most living with dementia.

    "I have experienced many trainings and researched various care models. But, this was different.


    "Unlike so many care models in the USA, the tools of Humanitude are highly physical tools that can be adopted at every level of an organization. Many times training available in the USA is not immediately actionable by front-line care staff. Humanitude changes that.


    "Humanitude is almost non-existent in the USA; yet, it is practiced throughout Europe, Portugal, and now Japan.


    "In April and May, Koelsch Communities is training 20 front-line staff members in this model of care in an effort to bridge the Atlantic ocean and bring highly effective approaches to care to families in the US."


    ~ Benjamin Surmi, MSc Gerontology ~

    Vancouver WA | bms@koelschsenior.com

  • What is Humanitude?

    Selected Research

    Poster Presentation

    Are difficulties in caring for patients with Alzheimer’s disease becoming an opportunity to prescribe well-being with the Gineste-Marescotti® care methodology? Delmas C.


    Austin Journal of Clinical Neurology

    Improvement of Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD) by Comprehensive Standardized Care Methodology

    Ito and Honda


    Revista Latino-Americana de Enfermeagem
    Implementation of the Humanitude Care Methodology: Contribution to the Quality of Health Care
    Henriques, Dourado, Pereira de Melo, Tanaka


    Poster Presentation

    The effectiveness of French origin dementia care method; Humanitude® for acute care hospitals in Japan, a pilot study
    Honda, Marescotti, Gineste


    Case Reports in Medicine
    Reduction of Behavioral Psychological Symptoms of Dementia by Multimodal Comprehensive Care for Vulnerable Geriatric Patients in an Acute Care Hospital: A Case Series
    Honda, Ito, Ishikawa


    Geriatrics and Psychology Neuropsychiatry of Aging
    Comparative evaluation of two vocational training devices focused on accompanying Ehpad residents with psycho-behavioral disorders
    Denormandie, et al.


    Journal of Work
    Care giving and nursing, work conditions and

    Biquand and Zittel


    Research Essay
    The concept of humanitude
    as applied to general nursing care



    Rosette Marescotti is a trainer, psycho-gerontologist, author of a university thesis about elder abuse in institutions. She has taught for more than 35 years regarding the Methodology of Care Gineste-Marescotti developed with Yves Gineste. She is co-author with Yves Gineste of the Philosophy of Humanitude and she is a specialist of non-verbal communication. In Japan, she has been appointed Visiting Researcher at the Tokyo Medical Center.


    Yves Gineste is a trainer and an international lecturer. He has taught for more than 35 years the Methodology of Care Gineste-Marescotti developed with Rosette Marescotti. He is co-author with Rosette Marescotti of the Philosophy of Humanitude. In Japan, he has been appointed Visiting Professor at the University of Shizuoka and Visiting Researcher at the Tokyo Medical Center.


    Yumanichūdo nyūmon (Japanese)
    Miwako Honda; Yves Gineste; Rosette Marescotti


    Humanitude : Comprendre la vieillesse, prendre soin des Hommes vieux (French)
    Jérôme Pellissier and Yves Gineste


    Humanitude (Portuguese)

    Yves Gineste

    Selected Articles

    Can AI Play A Useful Role In Nursing Care? This Tokyo Startup Is Leading The Way

    Artificial Intelligence tech start-up builds sensors upon Humanitude foundation to give caregivers data-based feedback on how to improve care.

    French 'humanitude' method seen improving dementia patients' and
    staff conditions
     by Fumiko Yamaoka

    A method developed in France for providing care to people with dementia is growing in popularity among nursing homes in Japan, where dramatic improvements in the condition of both residents and staff have been reported.

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